Cabarrus County Schools Annual Summary

Resilience. Resolve. Reflection

The year we were all


From Our Superintendent

Chris Lowder, Ed.D.
Cabarrus County Schools Superintendent

As I reflect on what has unquestionably been a consequential, and dare I say, unprecedented year in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I can’t help but think of the resilience of our students and families, and the resolve of our educators, administrators and staff.

3Rs + 3Ws = A Year Like No Other.

We had to add 3Ws (Wear. Wait. Wash.) to the 3Rs – An equation we proved we could handle as ONE!

Class of 2020 Rounds Their Final Turn at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Tracks as the most unique graduation in CCS history.

Success At A Glance.

A year of achievement against the odds